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Most people are aware of the damage UV light causes to the skin, but two other factors also help wreak havoc on the skin: infrared (IR) light and environmental pollution. IR damage to the skin is characterized by a dull complexion, skin irritation, dehydration, uneven skin tone, and pigmentation. Environmental pollutants such as smog and heavy metals can penetrate the skin causing free radical damage, cell death, and ageing. With that in mind, Synergie presentes Enviroshield.

Enviroshield features Elix-IR™  and Exo-P™, two active ingredients that provide protection against damage by both IR rays and pollution. Daily spritzing:

  • Guards against IR-induced irritation and premature aging
  • Prevents free radical damage caused by pollution
  • Binds heavy metals to prevent penetration
  • AND deeply hydrates the skin, setting Synergie mineral makeup for a dewy glow.
Hold bottle 4-6 in from face and spritz 2-3 times prior to outside exposure. Spritz evenly as the final step of your skincare routine. Enviroshield can also be used to set makeup.
50 ml