I am Dr Tracey Lambert, a cosmetic physician from New Zealand, who moved to California in 2014. I established Skin Elegance to bring Synergie – this wonderful skincare line about which I feel so passionate– to the United States.

I first encountered Synergie skincare in 2011, when I met Terri Vinson, the scientist, formulator and manufacturer of Synergie at a conference in Sydney, Australia, where both she and I were presenting. I was impressed with both the science that Terri brought to her products and her Clean Science® philosophy, and became an avid user of the line shortly afterwards – with great results.

But don’t just count on my personal experience! Synergie has been enjoyed by women (and men!) in Australia since 2015, and more recently in New Zealand, Hong Kong, and the UK. Now I want Americans to be able to reap the same benefits of Synergie that others have.

You can read all about Terri’s Clean Science® philosophy here.

Why Synergie?

  • Because Synergie combines the best active natural ingredients with the latest ingredients that cosmeceutical science has to offer. 
  • Because we believe that you should be able to get beautiful skin without compromising your safety.
  • Because it’s been estimated that over a year, the average woman applies 5 lbs of skincare and makeup to her face, and we believe that shouldn’t be associated with any kind of risk to your health.
  • Because we passionately believe Synergie will help you look good and feel great!