Pre Synergie Skincare Regimen

1 September 2014

After 6 Months using

Synergie Skincare Regimen

28 February 2015

With makeup

28 February 2015

Bernadette is an active, sporty, outdoors women in her 50s who, prior to starting her personalized Synergie Skin regimen, used only a light moisturizer purchased from the supermarket and very little sunscreen. She had marked areas of hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Bernadette began using Synergie Skin Suprema C, Super Serum, Reclaim and Revitaleyes in the morning followed by Vitamin B, Ultimate A, Revitaleyes and Reclaim at night. She also used Enlighten morning and night to address the patches of hyperpigmentation and exfoliated with Reveal 3 times per week. Bernadette began using sunscreen whenever she was outdoors.

There has been noticeable improvement in the texture, luminosity and hydration levels of her skin and the patches of hyperpigmentation are fading. Bernadette is thrilled with how her skin feels and looks.